Luca D’Aniello

Visiting Scholar

PhD student in Social Sciences and Statistics at the Department of Social Sciences of University of Naples Federico II (Italy).

Luca D’Aniello is a PhD student in Social Sciences and Statistics at the University of Naples Federico II. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Management, followed by a master’s degree in Economics (University of Naples Federico II). His master’s specialization focused on Data Science and Computational Statistics. His academic interests revolve around healthcare, social sciences, and research evaluation, with a focus on textual data analysis, bibliometrics, and statistical survey methodologies. His research project primarily involves the development of automated text summarization methods within the scientific literature domain, through a computational approach. He is Associate Editor in statistics for Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine (Wiley). He is a member of K-Synth, a science-centric knowledge factory that operates as an academic spin-off of the University of Naples Federico II. One of the main products, bibliometrix, is a user-friendly open-source software for science mapping used by several scientific communities globally. It is designed for quantitative research in scientometrics and bibliometrics. Currently, he is actively involved as one of the developers of TAll – Text analysis for All -, an emerging Shiny app designed to address the needs of researchers without extensive programming skills, providing a versatile and general-purpose tool for analyzing textual data.


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