Reading Club 3.2 – The Invisible Technician

A sneak peek to this journal article:

«London, 1675. Turn east at Saint Jame’s Palace onto the south side of Pall Mall. Pass the houses of fashionable physician Thomas Sydenham and royal mistress Nell Gwyn. At about the middle of the street, knock on the door of a three-story house owned by Katherine, Countess of Ranelagh, and seek admittance to the laboratory at the back presided over by her brother, the chemist and natural phisolopher Robert Boyle. Boyle’s laboratory is a densely populated workplace, housing a variety of individuals laboring to produce scientific knowledge, each performing a relatively distinct role.»

Shapin, S. (1989). The Invisible Technician. American Scientist, 77(6), 554–563.

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