Reading Club 3.7 – In search of relevance: The changing contract between science and society

<<This paper reflects on the relevance of academic science. Relevance plays a central role in what we define as the ‘contract’ between (academic) science and society. The manifestations of relevance in the daily practice of academic research can be studied using the credibility cycle. Together, the science—society contract and the credibility cycle enable a systematic analysis of relevance in scientific disciplines. This is illustrated with a case study of academic chemistry in The Netherlands. We conclude that science’s search for relevance is not new, but that its meaning changes together with changing ideas about the potential benefits of scientific research.>>

Laurens K Hessels, Harro van Lente, Ruud Smits; Science and Public Policy, Volume 36, Issue 5, June 2009, Pages 387–401,

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