“Citation cartels” and research evaluation with Domingo Docampo

Next Thursday, June 13th, we’ll welcome Domingo Docampo, professor and former rector of the University of Vigo and, above all, an old friend. On this occasion he visits us alongside Daniel Torres-Salinas to give the talk «‘Citation Cartels’ and scientific evaluation: chronicle of a dangerous disagreement», organized together with #YoSigo and U-CHASS. The seminar will take place in the Degree Hall of the Faculty of Sciences at 12:00 AM. Admission is free and open until full capacity is reached. Here’s the basic information of the event. See you there!

– When? Thursday, June 13th, 12 to 1.30 PM.

– Where? Degree Hall of the Faculty of Sciences (UGR), in Av. de Fuente Nueva, s/n, Beiro, Granada.

How do I sign up? The event is free and does not require prior registration.

About the talk

Bibliometrics is one of the gloomiest sciences, since it tries to count and measure what can hardly be counted. Nevertheless it allows us to get a closer look at the knowledge of scientific trajectories of individual researchers, institutions and countries. It is a tool that can help in selection, retention and promotion processes if used judiciously. In this presentation Domingo will focus on one of the indicators that has traditionally been considered a marker of researcher prestige, the Top 1%, which is applied to those publications that are among the 1% most cited within the same year and Web of Science category. He will present relevant information about the loss of value of this indicator, studying its evolution in reference institutions and analyzing the fiasco that ocurred in the preparation of the list of influential mathematicians produced annually by Clarivate Analytics (Highly Cited Researchers list). The appearance in recent years of scientific journals that have contributed with their abundance of articles and citations to entangle bibliometric data, and considering the consequent deterioration of its guiding function, is not unrelated to the facts that are intended to be documented.

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