The members of EC3 are not only accomplished researchers and PhD students in training, but also professors at the University of Granada. They cover a variety of subjects and levels across different Faculty departments. Yesterday marked the end of the semester at UGR, and we didn’t want to leave for summer holidays without congratulating them all for yet another job well done! Here’s a list of the classes offered this semester by our research team:

Last class of «Documentation Applied to Translation» with guest translator Judit Jiménez-Cuenca.
  • «Documentation Applied to Translation» by Daniel Torres-Salinas, Nicolás Robinson-García and Victoria Di Césare
  • «New Trends in Information Services» by Elvira González-Salmón
  • «Management of Information Units» by Daniel Torres-Salinas
  • «Standardization for the Organization of Information» by Rafael Ruiz-Pérez
  • «Digital Documentation» by Alberto Martín-Martín
  • «Documentation in Media» by Mercedes de la Moneda
  • «Metadata systems» by Mercedes de la Moneda
  • «Information and Reference» by Pilar Valderrama-Baca
  • «Content Analysis» by Pilar Valderrama-Baca
  • «Management of Databases and Audioviusal Files» by Pilar Valderrama-Baca

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