On May 8, the Medialab Gala was held at the Espacio V Centenario. It was the first institutional event to celebrate the achievements and trajectory of this Social Innovation Laboratory, as well as to announce future lines of work. Our team member, Daniel Torres-Salinas, participated as a presenter during the ceremony. Also important strategic initiatives like YoSigo were announced, where EC3 postdoc Wenceslao Arroyo-Machado collaborates.

Medialab is the Social Innovation Laboratory of the University of Granada. It constitutes a meeting point between academia and citizenship, a co-creative space for research, creation and experimentation. The people who make it up, coming from various backgrounds, form a multidisciplinary and horizontal team to approach projects from different perspectives.

Among its projects are InfluScience, an initiative focused on measuring the impact of research through altmetrics, and #YoSigo, a global, free and certified online learning community. They were both originated in EC3 under the leadership of Dani and Wences, and continue to operate and grow today within Medialab.

Now a days, Dani is Medialab’s social impact coordinator, where he works in relation to other projects and programs, such as UnInPública, Impronta Granada and Ciencia Ciudadana. We wish Medialab many more years of collaborative work and innovation to come!

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