Publication of «Stranger Things: the vanishing of the Altmetric Attention Score values in information and library science»

Last week on April 30th, a publication was released explaining the vanishing of the AAS (Altmetric Attention Score) and its stability in recent time. Our very own Daniel Torres-Salinas and Wenceslao Arroyo-Machado explored this metric by analyzing over 26,000 documents from the years 2012 to 2021.

The article debriefs these articles by saying 23.7% of the data received experiences fluctuation by the AAS each year. A major factor in this is none other than Twitter, now known as X. Twitter mentions and tags exemplify a major contributor to this fluctuating number for all documents. Also, the removal of the Analysis & Policy Observatory shows us the drop in policy document mentions and acknowledgements.

In response to the information discovered, it is suggested to create a program or system to help track these vanishings in mentions and to all together create more stability with altmetrics.

This publication is a must read and shows the different ways EC3 members are creating and discovering changes in the scientometrics realm. You can access it here!

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