A few months ago, from June 1st to July 18th, our team colleague Enrique de la Fuente-Gutiérrez conducted a research stay at the National University of La Plata (UNLP), Argentina. His stay was carried out in collaboration with the Directorate of Research Production Visibility and Coordination of Scientific Journals, as well as with the Specialization in Scientific and Technological Information Management (EGICYT) at UNLP. Throughout the weeks, a diverse range of academic, technical, and research activities were developed, all under the guidance and coordination of General Coordinator of Scientific Journals Lic. Adela Ruiz and Director of EGICYT Dr. Sandra Miguel.

Of particular significance were the lectures delivered by Enrique as part of the Ongoing Training Program for Editorial Teams within the above mentioned Directorate. He also actively engaged with the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences Research (IdIHCS) at UNLP, participated in EGICYT, and collaborated closely with professors Sandra Miguel and Claudia González. This lead to the submission of a Communication proposal for the Latmetrics 2023 Congress, that will take place next November in Chile. Their presentation, titled «The Interplay of Local and Global Dimensions in Scientific Production on Sustainable Development Goals: A Case Study of SDG 13 – Climate Action in Four Latin American Countries,» has already been accepted.

What a wonderful experience. Congrats Enrique!

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