Wenceslao Arroyo-Machado on Wikinformetrics, media capital, Wikimedia and #yosigopublicando

Our Wikipedia expert is on a roll! Wenceslao Arroyo-Machado was a key figure in the creation and presentation of InfluScience, but he is working on many other things as well. Here, we will summarise what he has been up to this last month.  

Firstly, he published a couple of articles. 

“Wikinformetrics: Construction and description of an open Wikipedia knowledge graph data set for informetric purposes” with Daniel Torres-Salinas and Rodrigo Costas. Here they investigate the analytical possibilities of Wikipedia and aim at offering “ a methodological framework and an open knowledge graph for the informetric large-scale study of Wikipedia”.

“From academic to media capital: To what extent does the scientific reputation of universities translate into Wikipedia attention?” with , Adrián A. Díaz-Faes, Enrique Herrera-Viedma and Rodrigo Costas, in which they mix traditional research metrics with the possibilities of Wikipedia, focusing on university Wikipedia page views (link to article!)

Secondly, he presented “Contextualizing the Bibliographic References of Wikipedia” at the Wikimedia Research Showcase on Bibliometrics! His slides are here 🙂 Last but not least, he has been very active in #yosigopublicando, giving courses on how to manage the end of a PhD without stress, on narrative bibliometrics and the usefulness of ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence to bibliographic searches

As always, impressive work. Can’t wait to see what he will do in 2024!

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