Last week Dr. Daniel Torres Salinas was in Huelva presenting a course aimed at the research community. The course was called: How to prepare a Research Project of the State Plan: The perspective of the researcher ed. 2022, v. 4 by @torressalinas. You can see the presentation in the following link.

Here’s more about the course content from its abstract:

This course aims to advise researchers in the preparation and presentation of their research projects, based on our experience as PI. We will make a short introduction highlighting the importance of choosing a good topic and establishing our contribution to the area. We will talk about the rhetorical elements for a correct aesthetic presentation of our project (diagrams, schemes, markers, …). We will also talk about the importance of establishing a good planning and we will focus on issues such as timelines or convincing budgets. We will talk about the different plans within our project such as contingency, dissemination and data plans and we will give you some ideas. We will finish this course by explaining a real project. In short, we will give you a series of tips to increase the chances of success of your application.

You can also download the pdf of the presentation here.

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